SPARK NZ: Modem Illustration


Over the summer of 2017/2018 spark nz trialled a new portable wireless broadband modem to allow customers to use their home broadband on holiday. Spark is the first major new zealand telecommunications provider to trial portable wireless broadband.

Each of the holiday modems will have a custom designed decal on the front to featuring my illustration. The design was to encompass the typical new zealand summer for kiwis as they head away to the beach and bach. It needed to be colourful and in keeping with the vibrancy of summer.

1. Spark_Concept-Sketch.jpg

To begin I started brainstorming all the elements that make up a typical kiwi summer – the beach, ocean, native birds, summer plants, surfing, boating, camping, bbqs etc. I decided I didn’t want to cram too much into the relatively small space of the modem and chose to focus on the water, plants and native bird life that is so prominent throughout new zealand. I began sketching ideas on paper before moving to my ipad pro and doing a final sketch with the apple pencil. We went through a couple of colour variations before settling on the pink, purple and yellow from the spark brand colours.

2. Spark_Modem-1.jpg
3. Spark-final-artwork.jpg
4. SparkPortable007.jpg