ENIGMA: Solo Show

In 2015 I had the opportunity to have my first solo exhibition as part of the Creative Mornings Auckland 5th Birthday celebrations. The exhibition was held at Lot23 gallery in Auckland and was made up of a series of artworks and a large mural painted on the gallery wall. The theme of the exhibition was Engima so all the artworks revolved around the idea of mystery, code, riddles and the ability to decypher the messages written in my abstract calligraphic style.

KateHursthouse_Enigma Solo Show
Kate Hursthouse_Enigma Solo Show
Kate Hursthouse_PAINTING
Kate Hursthouse_Calligraphy Mural.jpg
KateHursthouse_ENIGMA MURAL.jpg
Kate Hursthouse_Calligraphy Lettering Art.jpg
KateHursthouse_CODE Logic Typography Art.jpg
KateHursthouse_Enigma Mural Lot23.jpg