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  • ~ Kelly & Aaron ~

    We love our commission piece by Kate! Kate was awesome to work with and we got everything that we wanted in our art and more with her creative touch. The inky base colours are amazing. It was exciting seeing little videos and photos of our art coming to life on Instagram.

    Thank you Kate!

  • ~ Jenny ~

    Kate is a delight to work with and I have always been very pleased and impressed with the work I have commissioned, in particular to celebrate my daughter’s 21st birthday and more recently the loss of my mother. She is very responsive to what is required and willing to make alterations to the penultimate work to fit with my expectations. I am always proud to show Kate’s work to family and friends.

  • ~ Stacey ~

    I fell in love with the macrame wall hangings... and trying to decide which one to get was so hard! So we now have 3 of them. The combination of the detail in the macrame hangings, and the colours and patterns of the paintings, work so well together and just brighten up our lounge.

  • ~ Yvonne ~

    When I found out that Kate was thinking of doing a wall calendar, I was so excited! I'm a sucker for wall calendars, but I loved that we'd get even more of her art up in our house too. They were my 'go-to' Christmas presents for friends, who have loved them.

    Kate is incredibly talented and I love seeing the new designs and trials she shares on Instagram.

  • ~ The Best Nest ~

    There are some books where everything comes together in a gorgeous packagethat you just want to hold and touch and look at before you’ve even turned the first page. A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies and other such collective nouns by New Zealand artist Kate Hursthouse is definitively, one stunning book.

  • ~ Yumi ~

    Your book inspired my 9 yr old girl into writing!! She found your book at the school library though, and she loved it so much that we bought it online… 

    This is such a wonderful gift for everyone, I mean EVERYONE!

  • ~ Stacey ~

    I've been a big fan of Kate's work for awhile and love how diverse it all is. We have pieces from her children's book (the book is a fantastic baby shower or kids birthday gift!), which we loved before having a kid, but now they're taking pride of place in our daughter's room.

    My personal favourite piece is an A3 print of the alphabet lettering. The intricate details in the letters are amazing, and Mackenzie loves to stare at the contrasting colours.