Creative Mornings Auckland Talk

Creative Mornings Auckland Talk

At the beginning of July I had the privilege of speaking at the first in-person Creative Mornings Auckland event in 18 months! And Aotearoa is the only country in the world currently hosting Creative Mornings events in person! So yay for us being so awesome during this pandemic.

The theme was Matriarchy, and I spoke about being a mother and an artist and how I can feel like both these things and neither all at the same time. That I often feel split in two and regularly feel like I’m doing neither job particularly well. I talked about the bumpy journey I’ve had getting to where I am right now and how my art has helped pull me out of my grief spiral this year.

It was terrifying, I was well out of my comfort zone, but I’m so glad I did it. I particularly loved meeting and connecting with people this morning, it felt very adulty and civilised compared to my usual breakfast with a toddler!

You can watch the full talk online on the Creative Mornings Auckland website.

Photos by Kowhai July.

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