Dreamscapes on Paper Collection

Dreamscapes on Paper Collection

I am excited to introduce my Dreamscapes on Paper collection! These little dreamscapes came about from an idea I had while brushing my teeth one night. I have been really interested in collage recently so I began cutting up older artworks to make smaller compositions and shapes to experiment with collage. I call these abstract landscapes ‘Dreamscapes’ because they come from my mind, and have quirky features you don’t find in our natural landscapes. Things like 3 suns or moons and a sky full of patterns instead of clouds.


I have been working small for most of this year, always on a few pieces at a time. I have been working with lots of layers, no real plan, just doing what feels good, trusting the process and seeing where it takes me. I really loved the collage aspect of these works, something that is proving harder to take onto canvas. But I am really loving what is happening in these dreamscapes and I am looking forward to developing them more.


There are 16 small experimental works in this collection, each one is framed in a white mat board that you can easily put into either a 10x12” frame (smaller pieces) or 12x16” frame (larger pieces).




 These small paper studies are an option for people to get a piece of original art without the cost of a large canvas. My hope is this makes abstract art slightly more accessible to those who currently can't afford a bigger piece. The nature of these paper studies means there can be small imperfections and ink marks, which just make each piece more unique.


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