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Physical store in Whanganui


Inkt is a pen, stationary and calligraphy supplies store based in Whanganui. They also have an online store shipping around NZ. Inkt often host calligraphy workshops in their store.

INKS: As the name may suggest Inkt have a big range of beautiful inks and pigments. They have alcohol inks, calligraphy inks, drawing inks, fountain pen ink in a while range of brands. They stock some great metallic colours which are great for calligraphy artworks, weddings and anywhere you want to make your calligraphy look really nice.

NIBS: Inkt have a huge range of calligraphy nibs. Several of the pointed pen versions I haven’t used but they have the Zebra G, Steno ‘Blue Pumpkin’ and a range of Gillot Nibs that I would all recommend for beginners. They have a few Hunt nibs but don’t stock my favourite beginner nib the Speedball Hunt 512.

A great thing about Inkt is that they have descriptions for each nib so you can understand their characteristics and what they are best used for.


NIB HOLDERS: Inkt probably have the best range of nib holders if you are wanting to get yourself something really nice! They have some beautiful handmade copperplate oblique holders as well as a range of colourful wooden nib holders.



CALLIGRAPHY PENS: Inkt sell the range of Pilot Parallel Pens and ink cartridges. They also have a huge selection of fountain pens so if you like beautiful pens just for writing then have a look at their selection.

They also stock Automatic Pens, I think they are the only place in New Zealand to have these. There is nothing Automatic about these pens, but they are great for formal calligraphy styles, they come in a whole range of sizes that are much bigger than your standard calligraphy nibs.

BRUSH PENS: Inkt generally avoid selling disposable pens so they have a much smaller selection of brush pens. They have several Kuretake brush pens that can be used with internal ink cartridges. Often these are intended for Japanese calligraphy so the brush nibs are much softer and harder to control for beginners.

They also sell a 10 pack of Tombow Fudenosuke Brush pens which are smaller than the big Tombow ABT pens. These are nice to use, and are perfect for smaller script lettering for invites etc.


PAPER: Inkt stock Winsor & Newton bleedproof marker paper which can be used with calligraphy nibs as practice paper as well as the Gordon Harris Zeta paper. There is a selection of other paper than can be used for finished calligraphy pieces.

Inkt also stock various other accessories such as pen holders and ink jars.

Want to know more about calligraphy supplies in New Zealand? I have put together an overview of four physical Auckland stores – two of which you can easily order online:

-       Gordon Harris (There are 4 Auckland stores, plus stores in Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch. Online ordering available)

-       Takapuna Art Supplies (Online ordering available)

-       The French Art Shop

-       Daiso (2 Auckland stores, 1 in Wellington)

And two other online platforms for those not in Auckland:

-       Inkt (there is a physical store in Whanganui)

-       Mighty Ape

If you have some information about supplies at a calligraphy store in your town please do send them through and I can add to this list.

PS. Some of these may be affiliate links which means I may get a tiny commission when you purchase through them. This doesn’t affect any of the recommendations though :)

PPS. Photos and products are from June/July 2020. Current instore stock may differ.

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