Podcast update! Exciting things are happening in April!

Podcast update! Exciting things are happening in April!

I am feeling very excited (and nervous!) because this month I will finally be launching The Creative Mother Podcast!

I have wanted to create this podcast for 3 years, ever since I discovered the beauty of podcasts while out walking Arlo everyday as a new mum.

Being creative takes a lot of time, patience, space to think and create … yet motherhood is this all consuming, but beautiful, thing that often does not allow for much of that time and space. 

So the question I’ve been asking myself, probably daily, is how do we continue to be creative and produce creative work all while raising children? 
The Creative Mother Podcast will feature interviews with creative women from a range of professions, who are also mothers. We will meet artists, designers, musicians, film makers, fashion designers and more, as we talk about the impact of motherhood on women, creativity and business.

This podcast will create an open and honest space to talk, share stories and help creative mothers everywhere gain a sense of community, understanding and inspiration. Each episode will be released weekly on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all your favourite podcast channels.

We will unpack topics like how motherhood impacts the creative process, healing through art after trauma or post-natal depression, reclaiming Te Reo in art and with your children, solo parenting and maintaining a creative business, motherhood and creating during a pandemic.

Connecting with other creative mothers has been a huge source of comfort for me. So many creative women have amazing stories about their creative careers, and how they have maintained these after having children. I am hugely passionate about sharing these stories, knowing that they can encourage and inspire other creative mothers.

My goal is to create a little corner of the internet where creative mothers share their stories and gain a feeling of community, understanding, and inspiration.


We have been given an awesome opportunity thanks to Boosted and Auckland Council where we will be raising funds to cover the production costs of the podcast. Auckland Council will be matching all the donations up to a value of $2000!

Boosted is New Zealand’s only crowd funding campaign platform dedicated to supporting arts projects.

The Boosted campaign officially launches this Friday 1st April so I will be talking about this a lot over the next few weeks as we get ready to officially launch the podcast in mid-April!

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