Six new original artworks

Six new original artworks

This year has been an unusual one for me creatively in the studio. It has been very stop and start due to the huge amount of sickness we experienced this year, so I have found it hard to get into a flow. I also had a bit of a creative block after getting covid/long covid and lost a bit of confidence in my direction. A lot of pieces sat half unfinished in my studio for many months.

I spent a lot of the year working small in my sketchbook and on small pieces of paper. I even created an online course about the benefits of creating small artworks and how working small can help you get over the fear of the blank canvas.

Working small allowed me to explore a whole range of ideas without the pressure of ruining a big canvas. Some of my ideas were a success, others not so much. Some pieces I loved but they didn't seem to sell, and then my least favourite pieces sold and I got perplexed about what direction to pursue, more of what I love or focus on what sells. Exploration has been the key focus of this year though.

In the last few months I have finally finished off six new originals that have now been listed on my website.




Cool Off


Long Blue Day


 Split Shift


Out there, somewhere


Dusky Sky


A Place We Might Have Been


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