The Basics of Running a Creative Business

The Basics of Running a Creative Business

There is so much I have learned over the years of running my creative business that I wish I knew before I started. In all my years of studying, we barely touched on anything business related. I knew a lot about colour, pattern and design but almost nothing about how you sell your work online... how you price your work... how you create prints and products... what shipping materials to use... how to plan for business growth... how to market yourself...

I have learned over the years that to succeed as a creative, you must understand business. I wish I had a guide to help me when I got started, and the way I see it, the more we can share with each other the better it is for all creatives. In this e-book I have put together an overview of some of the things I think are essential to know when starting a creative business.

I have included:

5 things you need to get your business started

7 revenue streams to make income as an artist

5 ways to sell and share your work




I believe you can have your own creative business where you create and sell and share your art with the world. I have designed a course called The Business of Art to give you all the tools and the knowledge I wish I had when I first started. In this step by step course you will be fully resourced with the basic foundations to successfully start and grow your creative business.




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