The best thing I've ever done for my creative business...

The best thing I've ever done for my creative business...

I've been working in the creative industries for 14 years and running my creative business for the last eight years. During that time I have learned a hard lesson:

~ to succeed in art, you must also succeed in business ~

And I think one of the hardest things about running your own business, especially as a creative sole trader or solopreneur, is that you are essentially doing it solo!


I remember first going out on my own as a freelancer eight years ago and stumbling along, trying to figure it all out by myself. I knew a lot about colour, pattern, design and art, but very little about the ins and outs of running a business. Since then I have navigated maternity leave, motherhood, a pandemic and all the ups and downs that comes with running a small business.


The best thing I have ever done for my creative business is find a good support system. This has looked different at different times. A silver lining of the pandemic has been that so much connection and support has been able to happen online.


Business coaching and mentorship has been huge for me in my business. Having someone to talk through your business vision, having someone there for accountability, cheering you on when you hit your goals. It has made solo business life a lot less lonely.


Connecting with other creative business women who understand the ups and downs of business and the juggle of balancing your passion with family life has also been really important.


That's where the inspiration came from for The Creative Mother Podcast.


There is so much I have learned over the years of running my creative business that I wish I knew before I started and I feel the more we can share this sort of stuff with each other the better it is for all creatives and all women. 


Here are a few things I have put together to help you with you creative business:


My Studio Toolkit

  1. 60 tools, materials and programs I use to run my creative business


The Basics of Running a Creative Business

  1. 5 things you need to get your business started

  2. 7 revenue streams to make income as an artist

  3. 5 ways to sell and share your work


The Creative Business Basics Facebook group

  1. Weekly creative business tips and tricks and a supportive community of creative women and mothers


The Business of Art: The fundamentals of starting & growing your own creative business

  1. 8 week creative business mentoring programme for women and mothers


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