S1 E9: Listening to your intuition, painting joy and the beauty of mixed blessings with Jen Sievers | Artist

S1 E9: Listening to your intuition, painting joy and the beauty of mixed blessings with Jen Sievers | Artist

This week on The Creative Mother Podcast host Kate Hursthouse talks to artist and painter of joy, Jen Sievers. Jen's mission is to bring joy into your home. She does this with her distinctive colours, and by injecting all of her strongest positive, magical energy into every single piece. Jen paints joy. She uses acrylic paints with fresh colours, sweeping lines and a contemporary edge. She has worked in abstract and portraiture, but found her artistic home in contemporary abstracted landscapes. Colour is her love language.

A brush with breast cancer gave her the push she needed to become a full time artist and over the last few years she has gone from strength to strength. She paints obsessively in her home studio in the foothills of the Waitakeres, New Zealand - between being a mum and hatching plans for new creative projects.




Links from today’s episode:

Jen Jen Home

Inspired by:

Petrina Jose


“Boy Swallows Universe” Trent Dalton

“All our shimmering skies” Trent Dalton

Listening to:

Tim Ferris

Lewis Howes

Glennon Doyle

Brene Brown


About your host:

Kate Hursthouse is an artist, creative business owner and single mother to one awesome kid. She has run her own creative business since 2014 and has been involved in a whole range of projects over the years - from commercial illustrations and design projects to contemporary art, children’s book illustrations and hand-painted murals. 

She started this podcast to try and answer the question: how do we continue to be creative and produce creative work, while raising children? Her goal is to create a little corner of the internet where creative mothers share their stories and gain a feeling of community, understanding, and inspiration.






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