S2 E12: The power of believing in yourself and finding your tribe with Rachael Stone | Print Maker & Artist

S2 E12: The power of believing in yourself and finding your tribe with Rachael Stone | Print Maker & Artist

This week on The Creative Mother Podcast, host Kate Hursthouse talks to Napier based print maker and contemporary artist Rachael Stone. Through her artwork and zines, she loves expressing messages of self-worth (especially to young girls). Rachael's prints predominately depict her daughter overcoming challenges and believing in her capabilities. Her most recent work has been large-scale, bold-line paintings frequently referencing other women she admires, female empowerment and women supporting women.  Several of these statement pieces are displayed in local businesses around the Napier CBD. 

Instagram: @rachaelstoneart

Links from today’s episode:

Creative Arts Napier

Rachael’s Books
I Hope You
I See a Girl

Inspired by:

Greenhouse Interiors
Timothy Goodman
Kindah Khalidy
Ken Done

The Kiwi creatives Rachael’s currently feeling inspired by:

Flox NZ
Katherine Quinn
Grimoire Studio
Dali Susanto
Mica Still


Matisse Books
Raising Girls Who Like Themselves

About your host:

Kate Hursthouse is an artist, creative business owner and single mother to one awesome kid. She has run her own creative business since 2014 and has been involved in a whole range of projects over the years - from commercial illustrations and design projects to contemporary art, children’s book illustrations and hand-painted murals.

She started this podcast to try and answer the question: how do we continue to be creative and produce creative work, while raising children? Her goal is to create a little corner of the internet where creative mothers share their stories and gain a feeling of community, understanding and inspiration.



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