S2 E17: Adding a dose of humour to motherhood with Michele A’Court | Comedian, writer, performer

S2 E17: Adding a dose of humour to motherhood with Michele A’Court | Comedian, writer, performer

Today’s conversation is with stand-up comedian, writer and social commentator Michele A’Court.

Originally trained as a journalist, Michele has been an icon in stand up comedy since it got started in New Zealand. She was the winner of “Female Comedian of the Decade” at the 2010 NZ Comedy Guild Awards, is a frequent voice on RNZ National’s “Nine to Noon” and “The Panel” and has been a frequent guest host on Three’s primetime show, “The Project”. She has also made regular appearances on the hit comedy show “7Days” since it began in 2009.

Her motherhood journey and her career are very much intertwined. In the early 90’s she was one of the only women and the only parent on the comedy circuit. She also created the successful stand up show “Stuff I Forgot To Tell My Daughter” which was then turned into a book in 2015.

Instagram: @michele.acourt
Twitter: @MicheleACourt
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michele.acourt

Links from today’s episode:

“Stuff I Forgot To Tell My Daughter” by Michele A’Court


“Needs Adult Supervision” by Emily Writes
“Eddy, Eddy” by Kate De Goldi

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